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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Adult males are often worried about the length or callibre of their penis.
They bother about the gratification of their own and their partners. " Will I be able to enjoy sex or satisfy her?" - the anxiety buried in this thought may really cause erection dysfunction or lead to early ejaculation. Stop worrying for some time and go through the following report :
  • This study was made with a prostitute lady and three male adults with different length and callibre of their penis.
  • They copulated on three separate days
  • Duration of intercourse noted and seen to be different for these three occasions
  • The lady reported of being completely gratified by all the three males

The study of vaginal sensitivity has revealed that the first two to three centemeter of the vagina is sensitive to sex and causes gratification.

Come on, be assured, give up anxiety. You have penis at least 6 centemeter long. Dont hang on vague medicines and spend your hard earned money.